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Stipple Art

Word of the Day

Stipple (st-ih-pull): To mark a surface with numerous small dots or specks when drawing or painting. It comes from the Dutch word stippelen meaning "to make words."


Ooo- a new greeting! I love it! I've always found patterns to be fun. Stripes, plaid, gingham, herringbone. . .and I can't forget the classic polka dot! Wednesday, September 15th is International Dot Day! How fun does that holiday sound?!

The story behind this holiday is really, really neat! On September 15, 2003, the book "The Dot" was released by author Peter H. Reynolds. The story is about a little girl who didn't believe she could draw. Her art teacher encouraged her to create anything and to start by making a mark. She made a dot, and her art teacher proudly hung her work. The little girl felt so proud of her work that she continued to create artwork from dots. People can show their own unique personality in even the smallest of ways.

In 2009, the holiday was launched and it has continued to gain momentum. In 2013, 84 countries participated in the holiday. Isn't that amazing?

Want a few more fun facts about polka dots? America began its love for polka dots in 1926, when Miss America sported them. Then, in 1928, Minnie Mouse was introduced in her famous polka dot dress. The pattern exploded from there!

In my opinion, one of the best ways for you to celebrate International Dot Day is by creating your very own stipple art! Give it a try, have some fun, and be creative! There's no wrong art!

Until next time. . .


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