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Yes Day

Word of the Week

Amenable (uh-mean-uh-bull): Open and responsive to suggestions.


Just the other day, I overheard my granddaughter asking to wear her extra fancy, glittery dress shoes to the grocery store. My daughter immediately said the two letter word no one likes to hear. . .no. A pair of sneakers were slapped on her feet, and off they went.

It got me thinking. . .

Kids certainly hear no a lot. It doesn't sound like much fun at all. If I were constantly being told no to harmless requests, I'd be frustrated. I'd be easily annoyed. I might even be quick to start arguments. So, why do expect our kids to act differently?

This week, my blog is more of a challenge. This challenge can be customized to whatever fits your life and lifestyle. I challenge you to celebrate an unofficial "Yes Day!"

What exactly is a "Yes Day," you ask? Simple. It's a day you dedicate to saying yes to more of your child's requests. . .within reason, of course. Most requests will be pretty small in the grand scheme of things.

Here's how my granddaughter's day went.

  1. Requesting to brush her teeth after breakfast instead of when waking. Yes!

  2. Pancakes for breakfast. Yes!

  3. Picking out her outfit entirely by herself. Yes! Though none of it remotely matched.

  4. Wearing ALL her dress up jewelry out in public. Yes!

  5. Going shopping. She was on the hunt for ice cream pajamas. Yes! Though they were nowhere to be found.

  6. Stopping at the park on the way home. Yes!

  7. Going down the slide one time with her. Yes!

  8. Playing with paint, then play-dough, then her rice sensory bin all within 15 minutes. Yes!

  9. Baking rainbow bread. Yes!

  10. Watching a movie earlier in the day than she's normally allowed. Yes!

  11. Reading FIVE books at bedtime (she usually gets three). Yes!

  12. Wearing mismatched socks to bed. Yes!

  13. Having three songs sung to her before bed (she usually gets one).

You get the idea! Some of the requests were really minor things that would be easy to say no to. . .but it was almost just as easy to say yes! There was a shift in her mood. She was agreeable all day long. She didn't have a single temper tantrum. There were too many giggles heard on "Yes Day" to count!

So, give it a try! Adapt it however you need. Will your "Yes Day" be once a week? Once a month? Annually? On birthdays? If you have multiple children, I suggest giving each of them their own "Yes Day."

I was beginning to think I was a genius for coming up with this idea, but it turns out that "Yes Day" is both a movie from 2021 and a book written by Amy Krouse Rosenthal. I intend on checking both out. . .they may give me even better ideas for the future!

Stay kind. . .

(And say yes, more)


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