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March Comes In

Word of the Week

Proverb (prah-verb): A short, popular saying that contains a piece of wisdom or advice.

Hello again!

There's a very well known March proverb that I wanted to celebrate with all of you. I love all of the seasons. They each offer us something beautiful to enjoy, but by March I am ready for warmer days and signs of spring! The following proverb is all about that very thing. Typically, it goes like this.

March comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

I know it sounds a little silly, but think about it for a minute. What kind of animal is a lion? How would you describe him? Fierce. Strong. Mighty.

Now, how would you describe a lamb? Cute. Cuddly. Playful.

Read the proverb again, and keep in mind that it's all about weather. If March begins like a lion, what type of weather would you expect? Maybe storms, strong winds, lots of rain or snow. If March leaves like a lamb, the weather would be calm and sunny, with maybe some gentle rain.

So, is this proverb always true? Nothing about weather is always true. It's usually correct, but if March begins with really nice weather, they just flip the proverb around. It quickly becomes. . .

March comes in like a lamb and goes out like a lion.

I know. Pretty sneaky, but that's one way to always be right!

I have a fun and simple project this week. I'm thinking March is going to start like a lion, so let's make one! The process is pretty self explanatory once you see the sample. The scissors are used to cut fringe to make the lion's mane.

What you'll need:

Paper, cupcake liners, glue, markers, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, scissors

Stay kind. . .


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