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  • Each book in the “Mary and Mike” series follows a theme. The title gives this one away. “Crushing it with Kindness” is our way of encouraging kids to find their own special way to make a difference. Big or small- everything we do matters. 

  • A great resource for speech therapists, each book in the series focuses on a new target sound in the initial, medial, and final positions to address common articulation problems. A time saving chart is conveniently located in the back of each book, providing a page by page breakdown of where the target sound can be found, making therapy sessions a breeze. In this book, the /k/ sound is the focus sound, typically mastered by age four. 

  • Teachers and parents can use the book to reinforce correct sound production without it feeling like a chore for the child. 

  • At the end of the book you will find our “Dig a Little Deeper” section. This is full of ideas and conversation starters to help keep children further entertained and learning, even after the story has been read. 

  • The use of rhyming verses and a catchphrase make it fun and easy for young readers to join in, while the higher level vocabulary words keep older readers engaged. 

  • Once Mary and Mike’s sneaky feline friend is introduced, you will find that he appears on every page of the story. This is another way to encourage children to pay close attention to detail and can also be used to work on counting skills. 

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