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Crushing it with Kindness

​On a quiet summer day, Mary and Mike are surprised by a four legged visitor. Could this cutie become part of the family or does he belong somewhere else? Join them on their adventurous summer, filled with good deeds and acts of kindness. The real surprise is when their kindness is repaid in an unexpected way!

In this book, the message is kindness and the target sound is k, typically mastered by age 4!

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Mary and Mike's Magnanimous Adventures: Crushing it with Kindness: L. J. Madwish: 9781735335803: Books

Perplexed by Perspectives

It’s Gram’s 80th birthday, and the celebration is going to be phenomenal. Her lifelong dream of floating through the sky in a hot air balloon is a gift she’ll always remember. Join Gram, Mary, Mike, and their furry friends as they see things from a whole new point of view.

In this book, the message is “perspective”, and the target sound is L, typically mastered by age 6.

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Coming to Amazon SOON.

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