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Sensational Science

Word of the Week

Immiscible (ih-miss-uh-bull): The inability for two things to be mixed or blended together. The word has been changed over the years, but it comes from in meaning "opposite of" and the Latin word miscere meaning "to mix." That makes pretty good sense!


There were so many different fun things to celebrate this week, that I had too much trouble picking one! I could have picked anything from the first day of fall to National Ice Cream Cone Day to National Lobster Day. The list goes on and on. After giving it quite some thought, I realized that it has been a while since I've shared a fun science project with you. So, here we are!

How fun is the word of the week?! Such a fancy way of saying that two things can't mix. Can you think of different things that don't mix when you pour them together?

  • Oil and water

  • Honey and water

  • Corn syrup and water

  • Dishwashing soap and water

But. . .why?

Density. A simple way to think of density is to imagine the weight of the same amount of liquid measured out. The liquid with the heaviest density settles to the bottom, while the lightest density floats to the top. There's something really neat about seeing layers of liquid.

Now, for your project!

Sensational Sensory Bottle


- Baby oil

- Water

- Empty, non-breakable bottle (I used the container my baby oil came in)

- Glitter in 2 or 3 sizes

- Food coloring, optional (but more fun)


  1. Empty your bottle and remove any labels.

  2. Fill your bottle halfway with baby oil.

  3. Pour your glitter on top of the oil. Different sized glitter will sink at different rates, making the whole thing much more fun.

  4. In a separate container, mix water and food coloring. Careful- if you add too much food coloring, you can't appreciate the glitter!

  5. Add the colored water to your bottle leaving only a tiny empty space (near the cap area) to allow good movement.

  6. Screw on the lid and shake! Adjust the color or amount of glitter until you're happy.

  7. Optional: Glue the lid in place to ensure no one unscrews the lid and makes a mess!

I promise you your sensory bottle full of immiscible liquids will be a fun hit. It's almost hypnotizing to watch!

Until next time. . .


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