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Mythical Monsters

Word of the Week

Mythical (myth-ih-cull): A fancy word for describing something fictitious or make believe. It comes from the Greek word mythos meaning "a story or tale delivered by word of mouth."

Yassou! (And happy October!)

Have I mentioned that fall is one of my favorite times of year? I know, I know. . .I'll promise not to get into all that again. While we do think of pumpkins, and leaves, and bonfires, there are some other things that probably pop into your mind, too. Think spooky.

If you enjoy celebrating Halloween at the end of the month, I'm sure you're thinking what I'm thinking. Costumes of all kinds come to mind. I picture kids dressed up as doctors, pilots, old ladies (like me), cats, and chefs. But I also picture a lot of children dressed up as mythical creatures! From vampires, to witches, to goblins, and monsters, the list goes on! What I find so intriguing is the different kinds of mythical creatures we find around the world. Each creature has its own story or myth associated with it. While they are extremely interesting, there are simply too many to count. Here are a few very general examples for you.

We've all heard of trolls, right? When I think of them, I think of cute, little creatures with bright colored hair that sticks straight up in the air. But, in other cultures, trolls are believed to be huge, mean and crabby giants with big bellies.

What about fairies? I've always imagined them to be tiny little creatures with wings and pointed ears, flying around and sprinkling pixie dust wherever they went. In other versions, fairies are human sized creatures that play tricks on people!

And monsters? That's just a very general term we use for a creature that scares us. We usually imagine them to be both large and frightening. BUT- they don't have to be, do they?

This week, we are going to create our own fun and tiny, mythical monsters using just a few items! What do you think? I think the pinky, three-eyed monster might be my favorite!

All you need for this project are a few pipe cleaners, some pompoms, a little glue, and googly eyes. Use your imagination to create your monsters. . .they can look goofy or scary because they are pretend, so you decide! Simply wrap the pipe cleaner around a finger to create a spiral or coil and glue the pompom and googly eyes on to create your little monster. I think it's fun to make one for each finger, and it's fun for each monster to be unique. Use different sizes and as many eyes as you like for each creature! Voila!

Can't wait to see these mythical monster masterpieces. Have fun!

Until next time. . .


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