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Memory Journal

Word of the Week

Reminisce (rem-uh-nis): To enjoy remembering or recalling past events. It comes from the Old French word reminiscence meaning "the act of recollecting."


Grandparents Day celebrated the first Sunday after Labor Day is nearly here. Just like Mother's Day or Father's Day, it's an entire day dedicated to that special connection between grandchildren and their elders.

A relatively new holiday, it took some time to become official. In 1969, Russell Capper, who was 9 years old, sent a letter to President Nixon suggesting grandparents deserved formal recognition. Unfortunately, a congressional resolution is needed to designate special observances. It wasn't until 1977 that Congress introduced a resolution, and on August 3, 1978, President Carter signed the proclamation into law.

So, how to celebrate. . .

That's a personal choice. If you're lucky enough to live near your grandparents, there is nothing like some quality time. If you don't have grandparents nearby, it's easy to reach out. It's also the perfect time to visit or even adopt an older person who is lonely and doesn't have family nearby. There's no wrong way to go. . .just have fun!

I did a little research and learned 5 fun facts about the holiday I'd like to share.

  1. It's the highest day for nursing home visits.

  2. It's not actually a public holiday. It's an observance.

  3. The official song for the day is "A Song for Grandma and Grandpa" by Johnny Prill.

  4. The official flower is the forget-me-not.

  5. An average of 4 million cards are sent.

This week's project is a Grandparents Journal. First decide what type of journal best suits your grandparent. A handwritten journal can feel very personal. It can be created by purchasing a journal that is full of writing prompts and questions, or by simply recording thoughts and memories in a blank journal. If you have a more tech savvy grandparent (like me), they can record their thoughts and memories on a computer or by blogging.

Any way you choose to go, you'll be saving memories that you'll savor for a lifetime!

Stay kind. . .


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