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Let the Countdown Begin!

Word of the week

Advent (ad-vent): The arrival of an important person, thing, or event. It comes from the Latin word advents, meaning "coming".


I think I might have eaten a little too much turkey this Thanksgiving! I was so full that I postponed the blog a bit this time. I hope you can forgive me, and I hope you had a wonderful holiday celebrating with your closest loved ones. Times are most definitely different now, so if you weren't able to gather with all the ones you hold dear, I have hope that next year will be different.

My "Gratitude Jar" is getting fuller by the day. I got to eat pumpkin pie (one of my favorites) you know that made the list! Hope you continue to use your jar through the holidays.

That leads me to our word of the week. Have you heard the word advent before? You might have heard your family talk about buying something called an advent calendar for the holiday season. Just like the definition explains, it's a fancy calendar we use to count the number of days left before a special day. You can use one for holidays, birthdays, vacations - the list goes on!

The first printed advent calendar originated in Germany in the early 20th century. A little boy named Gerhard Lang was given a cardboard calendar by his mother. The calendar had a candy attached to each day in December leading up to Christmas. How fun! There are simple advent calendars and complicated, detailed ones. They can be created with just about anything! Growing up, we had an advent calendar with cut out doors you opened for each night in December. Such wonderful memories!

For this week's project, you'll be making your very own Christmas Advent Calendar with just a few simple supplies!

You'll need:

- Paper (whatever colors you'd like- but you'll definitely need red and white)

- Glue

- Scissors

- Cotton Balls

- Black marker

I found scrap paper and wrapping paper I had laying around the house and had some fun with it! Cut out Santa's face, mustache, and hat. Paste these on your background paper. Write the numbers 1-24 under his mustache, where is beard should be. For each day in December, you'll glue a cotton ball over those numbers. When santa's beard is full again, voila! It's Christmas Eve!

Now, get to work! It will be December 1st on Tuesday!

Until next time!

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