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Kindness ROCKS

Word of the Week

Geologist (jee-ah-lah-jist): A scientist who studies the surface of the Earth and what it’s made of. Basically, they get to study rocks! The word comes from the Latin words geo meaning “earth” and logia meaning “the study of”.


Speaking of rocks. . .

What does a rock want to be when it grows up? A rock star.

Did you know that today (January 7th) is Old Rock Day? Sounds. . .exciting, right? Well, I promise the topic is a lot more exciting than this is sounding.

I wanted to take some time to tell you a little bit about The Kindness Rock Project. It’s an amazing movement that started on Cape Cod that has since spread around the country and even overseas! In 2015, a woman named Megan Murphy wrote three little but meaningful words on a rock and left it on a Cape Cod beach for someone else to find. “You’ve got this.” Three little words that evidently had a huge impact on the person who found it. She continued to leave rocks with inspirational messages for others to find.

Since this movement has started, a lot of different versions have come to exist, but the intent has remained the same. Continue to spread kindness everywhere you go.

Here’s how it’s done: - Find some old rocks. - Paint the rocks and leave a message. These might be words of encouragement, names of events, names of charities, etc. Some people include a hashtag (yes, I know what they are!) or the name of their social media group on the rock. - Hide the rocks for others to find. You’ll make someone’s day!

Some groups have made different rules and encourage the finder to hide the same rock for someone else to find locally. Others want their rocks to be moved as far as possible. . .new towns, states, maybe even countries. You get the idea.

I love any movement that teaches us ways to be kinder. I also love the idea of creating something beautiful and meaningful from something else that was old or overlooked. With a tiny bit of work, you’ll be making something old new again. How neat?

There is a local rock garden close to where I live, and you better believe that I’ll be spreading some kindness with my painted rocks Thursday, and I hope you do too!

I encourage each of you to do a little digging. A group might exist in your hometown. And if it doesn't. . .how neat would it be for you to start your own?

Okay, I have one more joke for you.

What is a rock’s favorite cereal? Cocoa Pebbles!

Bet I made you smile! Remember to continue to embrace the power you have to turn someone else’s day around with a few kind words.

Until next time. . . Gram

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