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Count Your Blessings

Word of the Week

Gratitude (grad-uh-tood): Being thankful or showing appreciation for someone’s kindness. This word again comes from the Latin word gratus, meaning “pleasing” or “thankful”.


This time of year, we often hear that age old question while sitting around the Thanksgiving table. What are you grateful for? Gratefulness is another word for gratitude. I think we often take things for granted, and only truly appreciate things when we slow down and make ourselves take a closer look. How often do you stop and tell people how appreciative you are of them or how thankful you are for the little things in life? At Thanksgiving dinner. Maybe during the holidays in general. Why not share your thankfulness all the time?

That brings me to this week’s super fun and simple activity. You are going to make a “Gratitude Jar”! But what’s that? Easy! It’s a jar that you find around your house and decorate any way you like. Every night before you start dinner, you write something you are grateful for on a strip of paper, fold the strip up, and drop it in the jar! Before dinner is over (maybe even during dessert if you’re lucky enough to have some that night) the kids at the table should read the answers aloud.

TA-DAHHH! You’ll instantly have more to talk about, and you’ll also be more aware of the little things that make others around you feel happy and warm inside.

Here are what my slips of paper said so far this week:

The first sip of coffee each day

Mike helping me empty the dishwasher this morning

Seeing Mac’s wagging tail when I come through the door

See? Sometimes it’s the smallest things that make the biggest difference in someone’s day. So, I challenge you to finish up this November by using your “Gratitude Jar” each night. It’s also the perfect way to finish out the crazy year we have had. Keep it going in December!

I’ve really gotten into the holiday spirit myself, so my jar is decorated a little bit on the wintry side. Any decorating goes! Have fun, and let me see how yours turn out!


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