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World Read Aloud Day

Word of the Week

Bibliophage (bib-lee-uh-fay-j): A bookworm. The term comes from the Greek words biblio, meaning "book" and phage, meaning "to eat." The literal translation may be "to eat books," but it just really means a person loves books that much.


For all of the bibliophages out there. . .

Attention, please! The 13th annual World Read Aloud Day is taking place on Wednesday, February 2, 2022. It was founded by LitWorld and is meant to celebrate the power of reading aloud and in efforts to promote literacy. Over 170 countries celebrate this special day. How neat! It's truly an amazing way to bring people together in celebration of unique stories.

So. . .how do we celebrate?

  • Get together with some friends (or family or stuffed animals) and take turns doing a read aloud.

  • Can't get together? Try doing it virtually! Your parents should be able to help you get this set up.

  • Create and write your very own story to share aloud with someone. This one is my favorite. LitWorld encourages kids from all over to take the "Build a Story" Challenge.

The question is- are you feeling up to the challenge? Follow the instructions below.

Create and describe your character in detail. Example: Once upon a time, there was a goofy dog named Mac who longed for a family.

What does the character want? Example: Every day, he quietly sat in his crate at this humane society waiting for someone to finally notice him.

What's standing in their way?

Example: But the other dogs were much younger and energetic. It seemed everyone flocked to the puppies and their cuteness. This was hard for Mac to compete with.

How does your character overcome this problem?

Example: So, one day, Mac finally stopped quietly sitting in his cage and decided to let his real personality show. He would let out his goofy side and let people see the real him.

Add a problem or a conflict.

Example: But then, some families thought that Mac was too rambunctious and would be a problem at home. More people continued to pass him by.

How does the character react?

Example: Because of that, Mac wasn't sure what the right thing to do was. He felt happier being himself, so he decided to continue being goofy and let his personality shine.

How does the story end?

Example: Finally, Mac spotted the perfect family for him. He barked three times and rolled over to get their attention. He looked into their eyes, and instantly knew that he'd found his forever family and home.

What'd you think of my story? I think you might know where those ideas came from! I hope you celebrate this special day. You have over a week to create your story, and if you'd like to share what you come up with, please e-mail them to I'd love to see your creativity!

Until next time. . .


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