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Gratitude Scrub

Word of the Week

Gratitude (grad-uh-too-d): Another way to say appreciation.


If you're like me, we're a bit spoiled now. We simply walk to our mailbox, open it, and expect to see mail! That's why I wanted to share this date with you. February 4th is National Thank a Mail Carrier Day!

"Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stays these couriers from the swift completion of their appointed rounds." Are you familiar with the saying?

While it's not the official motto for the U.S. Postal Service, many think it is. It is a very good description of a mail carrier's job duties, and it is carved in stone over the entrance of the old New York City Post Office building on 8th Avenue. The quote actually dates back to an Ancient Greek historian who wrote it to describe the mounted postal couriers of ancient Persia!

Our initial postal delivery system did not deliver to your home. Each community designated a tavern in their town where all mail was sent and collected.

Our mail carriers work hard, delivering mail six days a week almost all year long! Did you know that on average, 167.3 MILLION pieces of First-Class Mail is delivered daily? That certainly helped put things into perspective for me! They deserve a day of praise and recognition.

So. . .how do you say thank you? You could write a thoughtful thank you note. You could leave them a treat and drink to show your gratitude. Or you could simply acknowledge their hard work and say thank you if you see them regularly.

I found another great and thoughtful option. Handling paper and packages in all kinds of weather can take its toll and cause dry skin. Why not whip up a batch of this wonderful hand and body scrub as a thanks?! It works wonders and is sure to be a hit!

Stay kind. . .


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