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When Life Gives You Lemons. . .

Word of the Week

Limonana (lee-moo-nah-nah): A refreshing Middle Eastern drink made with lemon and mint. It’s basically lemonade with mint! Derived from Arabic, it’s a direct translation. “Limon” means ‘lemon’, and “nana” means ‘mint’.


I have some advice for you. You might have heard this before, but when life gives you lemons. . .make lemonade (especially on National Lemonade Day)! Our word of the week is a twist on classic lemonade. The addition of mint really helps quench your thirst on a hot, summer day. But where did lemonade originate?

Egypt. The Egyptians have been enjoying their version of this refreshing drink since the 10thcentury. That’s a lot of lemonade. Did you notice my greeting looked a little different week? I’ll give you a hint. . .it’s not Latin or Greek. “Marhaba” is an informal way of saying ‘hello’ in Arabic. It’s really easy. Say it just the way it looks: Mar-ha-ba. If you want to be really official, try to roll your ‘r’ when you say it.

As Americans, we weren’t introduced to this delicious drink until the 18thcentury!. I think we were really missing out. Want a fun fact? It takes roughly 16 small lemons or 10 large lemons to make a gallon of lemonade! Wow!

Now, you didn’t think I’d share our word of the week without giving you the recipe, did you? Click below for the delicious recipe and a super FUN science experiment. LEMONADE MAGIC!

Maah Salama!

Lemonade Magic 8-20
Download PDF • 6.37MB

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