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What's in a Name?

Word of the Week

Eponym (eh-puh-nim): A person or thing that something else is named after. It comes from the Greek word eponymos meaning "name given to something". Pretty logical!


Learn What Your Name Means Day is this Friday, March 5th! Doesn't that sound like a holiday worth celebrating?

A name is so much more than just a name. It's something that we identify with for our entire lives. Some of you may already know the tale behind your name, but I'm willing to bet that most people haven't stopped to give it much thought.

Chances are, your parents put a lot of thought into finding the perfect name for you. They may have narrowed it down to a few favorites and actually decided when they got to see your sweet face. They may have searched for a name that had the perfect meaning. They may have named you after another family member to honor their great memory.

I challenge you to do a little digging and find the meaning, origin, and history of your own name. Once you uncover the mystery, talk to your family about your name! There could be a really neat story that goes along with it.

I did a little research about the names of few familiar family members and thought I'd share.

Mike: Shorthand for Michael. It comes from Hebrew and means "gift from God." My grandson's name was pretty straightforward. My granddaughter's name on the other hand. . .

Mary: The meaning isn't known for certain, but there are multiple theories. The name most likely comes from the Egyptian word mry meaning "beloved." There are a bunch of different versions for the name Mary in different languages. In Latin, she would be called Maria. In Greek, Mariam. In Hebrew, Miryam. The list goes on.

Rosa: Italian, Spanish, and Latin for "rose" or "sweet flower". It's one of the most classic Italian names. But. . .who is Rosa? Well, that's me! Grams have first names too, and now you know mine.

So, what are you waiting for? Do some digging and have some fun. If you have the time, you can even do research on other family members' names. Now you have the perfect topic for dinner conversation this Friday. Enjoy!

Gram (aka: Rosa)

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