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'Twas the Night Before Shipment. . .

We've let Gram take a short break from blogging while we got organized.

Because. . .THE BOOKS ARE HERE! Boy, do we have a story for you. With November so close, we are starting to get in the holiday spirit, so we thought we'd share our story in a familiar, fun, holiday way. Enjoy! And not to worry- Gram will be back next week!

’Twas the night before shipment. Our books were en route.

We were all so excited, we let out a shout!

Sleep was impossible- our brains in high gear,

After months of hard work, our books would be here.

With nothing to do but sit idly and wait,

I again clicked the tracker for any update.

What’s this? Shipment delivered. . .but that can’t be right.

We’re anxiously waiting, but there’s nothing in sight.

We phone UPS first thing in the morning.

They say, “Books on the truck. That’s just a warning.

We’ll give you a call when we’re thirty minutes out.

So, relax. Take it easy. You’re on today’s route.”

We wait as the minutes turn slowly to hours-

Then the call, “Not today, out of our power.”

The waiting continues, another sleepless night,

The déjà vu so intense it gives us a fright.

It’s late afternoon. The phone rings- this is it!

“Your street’s too busy. Unsafe. It’s just not fit.

Let’s meet in a parking lot. We’ll load up your truck.”

We have no truck, no delivery, it seems like no luck!

All out of options, we agree to the lot.

Tired baby in tow, we head to the spot.

We see the truck, and pull up close. Let’s get this done.

The pallet’s unloaded. The box count – 51!

We begin the transfer. Box by box we go.

Rain clouds, screaming baby. Why are we slow?

Several trips later, we finally stop to rest.

Now it’s time to take a peek—this part is the best!

The cover, the pictures, everything’s so sweet.

It’s not nice to brag, but this book is a treat.

Keep in mind our dual message. The k sound and kindness too.

Then check it out for yourself and kindly leave a review!


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