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Trivia Time

Word of the Week

Trivia (Tri-vee-uh): Details or pieces of information of little value. It comes from the Latin word trivialis meaning " found everywhere, commonplace."


Tuesday, January 4th is National Trivia Day! As mentioned above, when we use the word trivia, we are referring to information or data that are of little value. . .that doesn't mean that trivia can't be lots of fun, though! Trust me, you can learn a lot. I love knowing tidbits of "useless" information to share with others. Facts are facts, and facts can be mesmerizing!

Trivia has been around for a long time, and it comes in all shapes and sizes, so to speak. In other words, when I think of classic trivia, I think of tiny details and facts about specific topics. A lot of these details aren't known by just anyone. I did a little digging, and I found a list of some of the most common trivia questions out there. Take a peek at the one below and see if you know the answer!

Any guesses? It's okay if you needed to phone in a friend of family member. The answer is Groundhog Day!

So, now is the perfect time to dust off that old trivia board game. You and your family or friends can create your very own trivia game that is unique to you and your interests. You can find general trivia information in games that include trivia cards or, of course, online.

Since we are just entering a New Year, 2022, and family is important to all of us, why not start a new tradition? Weekly family trivia night. You could play during dinnertime, before bed, Saturday afternoon, or whatever best fits your family's schedule.

Our family is going to make Monday nights Family Trivia Night. Each week, someone will be the host. It will be their job to select the topic, create the questions, and keep score. I'm the oldest, so I am running our very first game. I've chosen "Our Family History" as the topic. We will be playing in teams. Here are a few sample questions I've prepared.

  • How many generations of our family are alive right now?

  • Where did our family immigrate from?

  • Who has the most pets and what are their names?

You get the gist. I hope I've inspired a new family tradition. It could be a wonderful addition to your list of New Year Aspirations!

Until next time. . .


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