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Word of the Week

Gridiron (grid-iron): Another name for American football.

In 1911, Claude H. Miller wrote, "The lines on a football field make a checkerboard effect and have given to the field the name gridiron." The name has stuck even though the grid system was updated to yardage lines that we see on today's fields.

Football season is here, so I thought I would do a little research about this favorite American game. Did you know that football is actually based on two games popular in countries all over the world? Any guesses? It's a combination of soccer and rugby! In the 1880's, a rugby coach at Yale University devised a set of standardized rules for football. That's how Walter Camp became known as the "Father of American Football."

It wasn't until 1920 that professional football was established. At that time APFA, or the American Professional Football Association, was created. It was replaced by the NFL, or National Football League, in 1922 and had a total of 11 teams.

It's safe to say that the love of the game has continued to grow over the years. . .just as you continue to grow each year! Which brings me to my fun and simple football themed project for this week. . .

There's really no wrong way to do this one. Grab some paper, markers, construction paper, scissors, and glue, and get crafting! You'll need some paint and a paintbrush to make your handprints, but the sky is the limit! This could even become a new tradition. How fun to document your hand sizes over the years!

Stay kind. . .


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