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Tins Under the Tannenbaum

Word of the Week

Tannenbaum (tan-in-balm): The German word for fir tree, a common type of Christmas tree.

Guten Tag!

With Christmas so near, I chose an unusual Christmas themed word to share with you. You may have heard Tannenbaum in a famous, classic Christmas song. I hope the song makes more sense now!

I’ve got a joke for you. . .and it has something to do with this week’s baking activity.

Did you hear the rumor about the peanut butter?

Never mind. I don’t want to spread it.


I’m still in the holiday spirit, and I hope you are too! This time I wanted to share a classic Christmas recipe. Mine has a twist, of course. I’ve tried the original. I’ve tried a coconut version. I’ve tried dark chocolate, and I’ve tried milk chocolate. No matter what, I always come back to this specific recipe. What on earth am I talking about? Peanut butter balls (also known as buckeyes)!

Basically, it’s homemade peanut butter fudge that gets dipped into chocolate. Some people cover theirs completely with chocolate, and others leave the top of the ball bare. That’s where the term buckeye comes from! The final product looks like a nut that comes from the buckeye tree, native to Ohio. Pretty interesting, right? Fudge was actually invented in America, and so was the peanut butter ball.

This recipe is fast, simple, and only requires five ingredients! How hard could it be? You’ll find a copy of the recipe attached at the bottom of today’s blog. I’ve decided to share some pictures of the process, because I was having too much fun!

Gather your supplies. The only thing not pictured is the melting chocolate. Note my cup of "Holiday CHEER". . .coffee.

Here's my recipe doubled. It's pretty much filled my mixing bowl to the brim. Remember that you might need to large mixing bowls if you're doubling!

The finished, delicious product sitting pretty on one of my favorite cookie tins!

With Christmas fast approaching, this recipe might be the answer if you’re looking for the perfect last minute gift for anyone. They are delicious and will be devoured in no time! Pop them in a tin and pop them under the Tannenbaum for your someone special.

If you’re tired of baking, you’re in for a different kind of treat next week. Hint: It’s winter. . .think of a fun, cold concoction. Any guesses?

Ciao for now!

Not Your Mom's PB Balls
Download PDF • 165KB

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