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Take a Bite Out of Shark Week

Word of the Week:

Carnivore (car-nah-vor): Very simply put, a carnivore is a meat eater!

Another word with Latin roots, carnivore comes from the combination of “carnis” meaning ‘meat’ or ‘flesh’ and “vorare” meaning ‘to devour’. . .yikes!


I am almost too excited for words this week, but let’s dive in.

This week is SHARK WEEK!

Created by the Discovery Channel way back in 1988, Shark Week quickly became, and most definitely remains, a favorite among both young and old. An entire week devoted to sharing information, new facts, videos and documentaries dedicated to sharks. Although they have a reputation for being large and foreboding, sharks are actually fish. They range dramatically in size, have skeletons made entirely of cartilage, and tough, leathery skin instead of scales. The majority of sharks are carnivores, eating anything from fish, dolphins, seals, turtles, seagulls and even other sharks. Then there are a few sharks that are not carnivores, but they are the rare exception. Do a little research or check out some shows on Shark Week to learn even more.

So, with such an intriguing word of the week and subject, how to select the perfect project was tricky. I finally decided to offer you a double-deal. There are some really funny “Jawsome Jokes” that you can share with your friends and family- and a great shark project too! Since I know sharks eat a wide variety of foods, I decided to make things really interesting. I created a “Book Shark” and a “Snack Attack Shark”. Take a peek at sample sharks. If you look closely, you’ll understand how they got their names. See how creative you can get, and don’t forget to give yours an interesting name too!

I can’t wait to see what you’ve come up with!

The sky’s the limit! Or should we say. . .the ocean’s the limit!!!



Shark Week 8-11
Download PDF • 275KB

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