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Suncatchers: A Sight to Behold!

Word(s) of the Week

Reflective (re-fleck-tiv): Capable of reflecting, sending, or throwing back light. Derived from the Latin word “reflex” meaning bent back.

Refractive (re-frack-tiv ): The change of direction of a ray of light. Derived from the Latin word “refringere” meaning to break.


Hi Friends! Gram here, with another Latin greeting just for you.

Don’t be confused. . .I selected two words of the week! That’s what this week’s project dictated. Full of color and never the same, this week we will be creating a super simple suncatcher.

Let’s start out by understanding just what a suncatcher is. Simply put, they are decorative pieces of art that utilize sunlight to create pretty rainbows or shades of light and color for your eyes to enjoy. They can be created with anything from stained or colored glass to beads, crystals, or paper making them very versatile and really fun to experiment with.

A true glass or crystal suncatcher will “reflect” the light, creating light flecks and rainbows. It also “refracts” the light by splitting it up and sending these light flecks and rainbows off in all different directions. What could be more fun?

Our version of a suncatcher will be super simple. It won’t reflect and refract the sun in the same way that crystals and glass can. Instead it will diffuse and dissipate the light in a fun and decorative way. That simply means that the light will reveal various shades of color and unique designs that you create.

Until next week! Vale!

Super Simple Suncatcher 7-17
Download PDF • 4.58MB

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