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Sounds Like "K"

Word of the Week:

Quarantine (kwa-ruhn-teen): A period of isolation for people or animals. The word is derived from Italian "quarantina giorni", which literally translates to "space of 40 days". That is the amount of time ships carrying sick passengers were kept in isolation during the 14th century!


Gram here! Did you know that in Italian, "ciao" means both hello and goodbye? Our word this week has Italian roots, so I thought I needed to share this little tidbit of information with all of you.

Now, say the word quarantine slowly out loud. Did you notice something about the sounds in the word "quarantine"? That's's our important "k" sound making an appearance again! It's a little tricky though, because you don't see the letter "k". In English, there are a few letters that can make the "k" sound.

  1. "k" like in "kind"...or "like" hahaha

  2. "c" like in "cat"

  3. "ck" like in "lick"

  4. "q" like in "quiet"

  5. "x" like in "explain"

It's important for you to keep all of these in mind for this week's activity!

Ciao...for now!

This Week's Activity: CRAZY CATEGORIES

Download PDF • 35KB

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