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Scribble Art

Word of the Week

Scrawl (scr-all): Another word for scribble. In other words, it means to write or draw something in a hurried, careless way. They aren't quite sure where the word originally comes from . . .

Hello, my friends!

Last week, I talked about a type of art called tessellation art. Now I can't help but have art on my brain! There are SO many different types of art, and I think some have the tendency of getting overlooked. Did you know that Sunday, March 27th is National Scribble Day?! Yes, that counts as art if you ask me.

The holiday is still relatively new. It was created by Diane Alber, author of I'm NOT Just a Scribble. . ., to encourage children to express themselves. Her concept is very simple and unique (not to mention incredibly fun). Adding eyes and a smile to scribbles helps bring them to life. The best part? Anyone, with any set of skills, can successfully scribble! Be sure to check her website out by clicking the image below.

But scribbles don't have to stop there. There are artists who create very intricate images using their own style of scribbling, like the one below. Click the image to see incredible portraits that were created from hundreds of scribbles using pens by the artist Vince Low.

I had another activity in mind to continue the scribbling sensation! Create your very own scribble art with just a few supplies.

You'll need: black construction paper, glue or tape, white paper, markers, and your choice of crayons/colored pencils/etc.

How it's done:

  1. Grab a black marker and create a long, windy, swirly design. The sky is the limit! You'll want your lines to intersect.

  2. Color the different sections you've created with the colors of your choice.

  3. Cut the around the outer edge of your design.

  4. Tape or glue your art to black construction paper.

That's it! You've created scribble art! And isn't it beautiful?

Until next time. . .


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