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Rainbow Orb

Word of the Week

Orb: A spherical body, like a globe. It comes from the Latin word orbis, meaning "circle" or "disc." An orb must be three dimensional.


The days are getting warmer and warmer! As much as I enjoy the outdoors, sometimes, you just need a fun indoor activity to help you keep cool. This week, I've got a fun activity for you up my sleeve, and it only requires a few materials. You'll be creating your very own rainbow paper orb!

Nowadays, there are all kinds of gadgets people use to fidget with. . .from poppers to fidget spinners to stress balls. Lots of parents dread these toys, as they often add to household clutter and end up getting thrown away anyway. Fidget toys do serve some really helpful purposes.

  1. They can help improve your concentration, especially when you're feeling more anxious or stressed.

  2. Fidgeting with your hands can help remind your brain to stay awake, alert, and interactive.

  3. These toys can give you a great mental break in between activities or homework assignments. Work and play go hand in hand.

  4. They keep your hands busy! Remember I mentioned that they can help with stress and anxiety control? This is true for just about any person at any age.

Our Word of the Week is only three letters wrong, but it's a fun one! When you think of an orb for this week's project, think about circular, 3D objects. Take a walk around your house. Can you name 5 objects that fit that description? I thought of. . .oranges, eyeballs, soccer balls, lollipops, and globes! Now, on to this week's project!

You'll Need: Strips of construction paper (or color your own white paper), scissors, a wooden skewer, a ruler, a glue stick, and a hot glue gun.

  1. Cut long strips of construction paper roughly 1/2" wide. I used as many different colors as I had. You want to have a total of 8 strips of paper.

  2. Cut 4 small circles to later attach the papers to. My circles were around 1.5-2" in diameter. I got lucky and had some leftover circles from a different project.

  3. Take one of your circles and coat it with the glue stick. Glue one end of your paper strips evenly around the circle, adding more glue as needed to make sure they will all stay in place. Then cover the top with another circle to secure them.

  4. Repeat the same steps on opposite end with another circle. Use the last circle to secure the paper strips.

  5. Grab your wooden skewer and poke it through the center of both circles of paper. Hint: it might be easier to start your hole with a pin.

  6. The top of your skewer is pointy and will be sticking out. Grab an adult and cover the skewer with glue from your hot glue gun so no one gets scratched!

That's it! The bottom hole might need to be stretched out a bit to allow the orb to spin. Place the bottom skewer between your palms and twirl away. Watch how your sphere changes shape!

Until next time. . .


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