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Word of the Week

Biscotti (biss-cot-ee): A twice baked cookie that dates back to Roman times. It comes from the Latin words bis meaning "twice" and coctum meaning "baked."


September 30th is Biscotti Day, and I'm taking full advantage! Read on for the perfect fall version of this delightful treat!

Just as the name implies, biscotti are cookies that are baked two times! The first bake cooks the dough, while the second bake dries and preserves the biscotti, giving it an extraordinarily long shelf life.

Now, I'm going to help set the record straight. Many believe that biscotti originated in the Tuscan region of Italy. While it is a widely enjoyed snack there, biscotti has a much older origin dating back to Rome. It was popular with the Roman Legions whose extended journeys required food that would last!

In the 1800s, many years after the fall of Rome, an Italian baker, Antonio Mattei, reintroduced biscotti and its popularity continues to grow. Originally, biscotti was served with a smooth, sweet dessert wine. Today, it's more typically enjoyed with a cup of coffee, or perhaps, even milk! There's no wrong way to enjoy a cookie, if you ask me.

So, where's the recipe?! Look no further!

Happy baking. And as always, stay kind. . .


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