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Newsworthy Seed Starter

Word of the Week

Biophilia (by-oh-feel-ya): A term used to describe the bond between humans and nature. It is said that nurturing another living thing brings the nurturer a sense of well-being and purpose. The term comes from the Greek words, philia, meaning "love of" and bio, meaning "life." The term biophilia was first used in 1964 by a psychoanalyst by the name of Erich From. It became more popular in 1984 when biologist Edward Wilson wrote a book on the topic.


I wanted to take a minute to thank my very special friends from The GreeneHouse, a local plant and gift shop in Greeneville, TN, for allowing the latest book to be sold at their shop last weekend! Community support is everything. If you haven't stopped by their store, you have been missing out! There's a little something for everyone- especially plant lovers!

So, how about some fun plant facts . . .?

  • 67% of Americans say caring for plants is a stress reliever.

  • The typical biophiliac spends more than $100 on houseplants each year.

  • Plants purify your air by removing pollution and allergens.

  • Plants grow better when exposed to music!

  • They absorb sound.

  • Really, really avid plant enthusiasts sometimes name their plants! Here are some popular plant names . . .Chris Stemsworth, Fernie Sanders, George Bush, Leaf Erikson, Connor the Cactus, Mr. Fiddlesticks, Chlora Phil. The list goes on! If you come up with your own, unique plant names, please share!

On to this week's activity!

"Newsworthy" Seed Starter

What's better than growing your own plants? Now you can create your own pot, too! When your seedling is large enough to water, the whole thing gets planted directly into the ground! Now, that's a neat way to recycle!


- Old newspapers

- A can

- Seed starting soil

- A waterproof tray

- Seeds

  1. Take a piece of newspaper and fold it in half to create a long strip. The piece should be roughly 22"x 12".

  2. Place the can on its side at the end of your paper strip. Roll the strip around the can to create a cylinder.

  3. To create the bottom of your pot, fold the paper edges down. You will make 3 or 4 folds. Make the bottom as flat as possible, and then set it on your tray.

  4. Remove the can and fold the top edges down inside, 1/2" -1" to create a rim.

  5. Fill your pot with soil and plant your seeds according to the packet directions!

Happy planting!


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