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Heart Hugs!

Word of the Week Embrace (im-brace): A fancier word for hug. This word comes from the Old French word embracier, meaning “to clasp in their arms”.

Bonjour my dear friends!

Wednesday, February 17th is Random Act of Kindness Day. The holiday started in Denver, Colorado in 1995. So what’s this holiday all about? It’s about doing nice things for others for no particular reason and without any underlying motive. It’s what the world needs more of.

What can you do? Sooo many different things. I’ll get you started with a few simple ideas.

1. Compliment a stranger- Say something nice, but respectful, to someone you don’t know. Example: Waiting in line at the grocery store? Compliment the person ahead of you on their shoes.

2. Treat a homeless person- See a person in public asking for help or money? Do something nice for them, but be sure you’re with an adult and stay safe. Example: I like to carry granola bars in my purse and in my car to hand out to people who might be hungry. My father used to buy them meals at a local restaurant and bring them a hot meal.

3. Pitch in- Do something around the house you know someone hates to do. It will make their day! Example: I just can’t stand emptying the dishwasher. It would definitely brighten my day to find it already emptied!

4. Read to a sibling- The quality time will make your sibling’s day, and I bet your parents will be pretty happy you’re spending quality time with them.

5. Bake cookies and deliver them to your neighbors- Who doesn’t love something sweet, just because?

6. Let someone go ahead of you in line- Sometimes people are in a rush. This is such a simple gesture.

7. Call someone just to say hi- People get busy and don’t always make time to check in or catch up. You make the time and brighten their day.

8. Hold the door open for the next person- This one always makes my day!

9. Help clean up the mess without being asked- An adult’s dream is for the kids around them to chip in more without being asked to!

10. Tell your loved ones you love them- I saved the best for last. Never take this one for granted, because peoples can never hear that they are loved too often!

So what does the word of the week have to do with Random Act of Kindness Day? Excellent question. That brings me to the exciting project for the week: Heart Hugs! This activity is a simple and, in my opinion, is the perfect random act of kindness for you this week!

Here’s how it works:

1. Cut out hearts in all sorts of colors and sizes.

2. Pick a person in your household.

3. Write one nice thing about that person on each heart.

4. Tape all the hearts onto that person’s bedroom door, mirror, car windshield, etc. The sky is the limit!

There is not a doubt in my mind that you will make their day. If you have the time, try to do this for each person in your house. Then give yourself a pat on the back knowing you could have turned someone’s day around for the better!

I feel so happy knowing that you'll be putting more kindness out into the world.

Until next time. . .

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