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Happy TwoTwo Day

Word of the Week

Tutu (too-too): A female ballet dancer's skirt costume. It usually consists of lots of layers of tulle. The origin of the word is unknown, but it was first documented in 1881. There are theories that the word came from the word tulle, which is usually used to create the tutu.


World Tutu Day is typically celebrated on February 2nd. But something extra special and out of the ordinary is happening very soon. Tomorrow is February 22, 2022. That means it's 2-22-22! This kind of special day certainly doesn't come along very often. I've decided that we should celebrate the "TwoTwo" day by making it our own "Tutu" day!

So, about the tutu. Here's some interesting information I managed to dig up. . .

  • The tutu was first debuted in the premiere for the ballet La Sylphide in Paris in 1832.

  • There are two types of tutus: romantic and classical. The romantic tutu is made of many layers of tulle and falls somewhere between the knee and ankle. It's sometimes covered by a layer of fabric to make it resemble a skirt. The classical tutu emerged in the 1880s and is much shorter in length in order to showcase the ballerina's legwork.

  • Rumor has it that in Paris, the standard classical tutu consists of 13 layers of tulle.

  • Tutus can be very expensive. Some even cost thousands of dollars! Ballerinas are taught to never eat while wearing them and to never wear jewelry that could get caught on them.

  • To store classical tutus, it is recommended that they are hung upside-down or stacked on the floor to prevent gravity from making them droop.

I couldn't help but find some of that information too-too fascinating! To celebrate this made-up holiday, I think it's time we all sport our own tutu. The authors of this series offer both readymade rainbow tutus and rainbow tutu kits. If you're interested in cutting some corners and avoiding the store, contact them at to grab yours today! If you're wanting to get creative and select your own colors, follow the tutu-torial below.

DIY Tutu-torial

You'll need: Tulle, elastic (for the waistband), a button or safety pin, scissors, the help of an adult.

How it's Done:

  1. Cut the elastic to fit your child's waist. This does not need to be exact, because someone will help you add a button.

  2. Cut the tulle into individual strips. You'll need lots of these to create your tutu. When I made one for Mary, I cut the tulle into pieces that were 36" long, making her skirt roughly 18" long.

  3. Sew a button onto the end of your elastic. Using scissors, make a small slit for the button on the other end of your elastic.

  4. Spread the elastic across your table.

  5. Fold 1 piece of tulle in half to form a loop. Place the loop behind the elastic band and pull the ends through to form a slip knot.

  6. Make your pattern, but two of the same colors in a row is best for the colors to POP!

Happy "TWOTWO" Day TO You!


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