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Happy Pi(e) Day!

Word of the Week

Pi (pie): The 16th letter of the Greek alphabet. Pi also refers to a mathematical constant. We'll save the official explanation for the professionals to share. Take a look at the video a little further below!


This Sunday, March 14th, make sure to celebrate Pi Day! Pi Day. . .you mean there's a day we celebrate math? You bet there is! Take a look. . .

We celebrate Pi on 3-14 because Pi begins with 3.14159...and on and on it goes.

But how should we celebrate this incredibly interesting day? Let's honor it with some yummy pie! Pi is associated with circles and pies are delicious circles. So let's get to celebrating!

When I first think of pie, I think of the dessert kind. But the Italian in me also immediately thinks of a pizza pie. Why not celebrate with both?

I've decided to share a super simple, light, and relatively healthy dessert pie recipe with you first. This is one that kids can make safely with just a tiny bit of supervision.

Then, I've decided to share my family's favorite pizza sauce recipe for you to use on your own pizza pie! Whether you make your own crust from scratch or buy premade crust, I promise this sauce won't disappoint!

I hope you love these recipes as much as I do! Happy cooking and creating! I'll be back with more fun next week! Be sure to let me know how these recipes turned out.

Happy Pi(e) Day!


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