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Global Kindness

Word of the Week

Philosophy (fill-ahh-suh-fee): A way to seek and understand truths about yourself and the world around you. It comes from the Greek word philosophia, meaning "love of wisdom."

Hi there!

It's that time of year again. World Kindness Day is Sunday, November 13th. If you're thinking what I'm thinking, it means that it's the perfect time to be extra mindful of being extra kind. We all know that kindness should be spread every single day of the year, but a reminder is always helpful.

What are some kind gestures you can think of? There's no such thing as an act of kindness that is too small. If you think about the book, Crushing it with Kindness, Mary and Mike did all sorts of little things that made a big difference. They helped a friend retrieve something from a tree. They cleaned up litter in their neighborhood. They gave a cat a drink on a hot day. They visited with a neighbor who seemed a bit lonely. The list goes on. I'm willing to bet that you show the world kindness more often than you even realize.

This got me thinking . . .

What are some acts of kindness from around the world? Surely different countries have their own, unique ways of being kind. Here's some of what I found.


A "wall of kindness" was created in 2015 as a donation space. People leave useful items they are no longer using for others to benefit from. Then, people in need of a specific item take what they need. The idea has since spread to other countries.

South Africa

A philosophy called ubuntu is practiced throughout the nation. This philosophy spreads kindness by caring for one another, sharing resources, helping travelers, and caring for children as a community. There is an incredible story that encompasses ubuntu, though it cannot be confirmed if the tale is real. A basket of fruit was promised to the winner of a race among a group of children. Rather than race, the children held each other's hands and crossed the finish line together in order to share the fruit. Ubuntu. I hope this story is real, because it's beautiful.


A practice called xenia is common, in which generosity is shared with travelers who are far from home. It sounds like the Greek are extremely hospitable.


I'm sure you've heard of paying it forward before. I often associate it with buying a stranger's coffee. This idea originated over 100 years ago in Italy and is called caffe sospeso, which translates to "suspended coffee." Coffee drinkers are given the option to buy an extra coffee. During the day, anyone in need of a cup can claim the coffee.

Here's a fun, simple craft to celebrate this important day.

World ornament

You'll need: a clear ornament, tissue paper, modge podge, a paintbrush

How it's done:

It's really quite simple! First tear small pieces of blue and green tissue paper. Cover your ornament with a thin coat of paint, then cover your ornament with blue pieces. Apply a bit more paint and add on the green, land pieces! Allow it to fully dry, and you can admire it and remember to stay kind throughout the holidays!

This year, I challenge you to throw kindness around like confetti!

Stay kind . . .


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