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Find the Cool in Collaboration

Word of the Week

Collaboration(kuh-lab-uh-rey-shuhn): A situation where two or more work together to create or achieve the same thing. Derived from Latin, the prefix “col” means ‘together’ and “laborare” refers to careers and work.


Gram again, and I bet you’re catching on to my greetings by now. You guessed it, “salve” is Latin for ‘hello’. This one is easy! It’s pronounced “sal-vay” . . . give it a whirl.

This week’s word was selected because we were thinking about summer, fun, things to safely do at home, and it has our k sound right at the beginning! Collaborating is a good skill to develop. It’s good to be strong and independent, but accepting help from others and learning to be a team player is just as important.

That leads us to this week’s project . . . fruit pops! A fun and healthy treat you can make from your favorite fruits. For our pops we created a cool concoction of kiwi and watermelon. We picked these fruits for a few reasons. First we love the flavors, and secondly the green of kiwi and the red of watermelon are from the opposite sides of the color spectrum. Even opposites can collaborate and create something spectacular!

But I’m getting ahead of myself. We’ll dive into color fun more next week!


(Latin for “goodbye” that literally means ‘be well’)

I think this just might be my favorite way to say goodbye . . . at least for now!

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