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Fabulous Females

Word of the Week Aerospace (air-oh-space): The branch of technology and science that is related to air travel and space travel. Surprise, surprise. . . aero is a Greek prefix related to flight and air, and space comes from the Latin word for a room or space (spatium).


February 11th is International Day of Women and Girls in Science! Hats off to all the bright women out there! In the past, women weren’t always given the opportunity to use their strengths and share all the ideas they had to offer. Times have changed! The holiday was established by the United Nations in order to ensure that women and girls have equal access to participate in science.

When I was a little girl, my father always told me that I could do anything and everything I wanted to in this world. He told me that so often, that eventually, I believed him. The world needs more people like him. More girls need to know their worth This holiday is one small step to getting us there.

February is Black History Month. It’s a time to celebrate and recognize the important role that so many African Americans have played in history. It was officially established in 1976. Other countries around the world celebrate it too- including Canada and the United Kingdom.

That brings me to the word of the week. Have any of you heard of Tiera Fletcher-Guinn? Tiera is one of the lead engineers and designers working on the Space Launch System for NASA. Their hope is to one day land people on Mars. She is the youngest member of her team, which focuses on making sure the rocket gets where it needs to! NEAT is an understatement! She’s out of this world! Get it?

It was incredibly hard for me to choose just one woman to tell you about, but I get excited just thinking of all the things she will one day accomplish. Tiera is also a black female, making her a perfect choice during Black History Month!

So how should we honor this up and coming rocket scientist? By making and launching our very own rockets, of course! Below, you'll find instructions to build your own rocket using only five simple items. The results are so much fun. I tried my best to take a video to share, but the rocket was too fast, and my fingers couldn't keep up!

Now, go have a blast!

Rapid Rockets 2-10
Download PDF • 220KB

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