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Fabulous Felt Hats

Word of the Week

Milliner (mill-in-er): A person who makes or sells women’s hats. This word originates from Milan, Italy. Many women’s fine goods were imported from Milan during the 16th century.


It’s Gram again, and I am so excited to share this week’s theme and activity with you! I’ll give you a hint. It has something to do with the word of the week!

Yes, hats! It’s always fun to accessorize an outfit. Some people like scarves, others like jewelry. Some prefer sunglasses, while others like watches or belts. For me, there’s nothing like a fun hat to make your day a little brighter. . .or should I say shadier! Just a little hat humor.

Milliner. What a fun word, with a whole lot of history. During the Middle Ages, the Italian city of Milan was THE hub for fashion. Milliners were usually women who made women’s hats. Don’t worry- men had their hats too! Their hats were made by a hatter. Same idea, but the word isn’t quite as fun if you ask me.

Hat styles have changed dramatically over the years, and they most certainly come in all shapes and sizes. Did you know that September 15this Felt Hat Day?

That was my inspiration this week, but I recommend wearing a hat any time!

Fall is in the air. . .what a perfect time to create a festive fall fedora! A fedora is a fancy felt hat. There are all kinds of words for hat. I got you started with fedora. How many more can you name?

Hope you enjoyed learning a little about fashion. Like I said, hats are one of my favorite things, so I enjoyed sharing with you! I have a hat for every season and any occasion. Put on a hat to celebrate this fun day, and if you don’t have one you can create one!

It’s always nice to share. Even though my animal friends don’t need a hat, I let them have some fun with one of mine anyway.

Ciao for now!


Fabulous Felt Hat 9-15
Download PDF • 78KB

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