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Countdown to 2022

Word of the Week

Aspiration (aa-spur-ay-shun): A hope or ambition to achieve something. It comes from the Latin word aspirare meaning "to strive for."


Ever wonder who gets to celebrate the New Year first and who celebrates last? Any guesses?

First: Parts of Kiribati, including the Line Islands. This is an independent island in the central Pacific Ocean.

Last: The uninhabited islands of Howland and Baker Islands, near the United States.

The New Year is finally almost here. I can't help but feel hopeful for all that will come. I'm sure you're familiar with New Year resolutions. . .but there's a part of me that prefers to think of them as aspirations. It somehow feels more positive and upbeat. So, this year, I want to talk all about New Year Aspirations!

First thing's first. When you think of people making aspirations, are there any common resolutions that you hear people make year after year? After some research, here are ten of the most common aspirations adults make.

10. Read more

9. Travel more

8. Spend more time with family and friends

7. Quit smoking

6. Save more money (or spend less money)

5. Live life to the fullest

4. Learn a new skill or hobby

3. Get more organized

2. Lose weight

1. Exercise more

Are you surprised by any of these? Me either. I've heard, and made, these resolutions plenty of times over the years. This got me thinking. What are some of the more common aspirations made by kids? I had a lot of trouble finding the answer, so I polled friends with children who came up with the following answers. Clean up and put away toys/belongings. Help care for pets without being asked to. Have dinner together as a family at least once daily. Do you have any other suggestions?

As for this week's activity, I think it'd be fun to create your very own 2022 Final Countdown! The activity is simple, and you should already have the materials on hand. You'll need: a paper plate, a pair of scissors, stickers/markers/puffy paint/glitter (whatever you choose to decorate), a strip of paper, and a marker. That's it!

  1. Make two slits in the middle of your paper plate. This will be where you feed the strip of countdown numbers!

  2. Decorate your paper plate any way you like! I think of glitter and stars when I think of this holiday.

  3. Cut a strip of paper about one inch wide and number it from 10-1, vertically. I like using cardstock for this since it's a little sturdier.

  4. Weave the strip of paper through the top slit from the front of the plate, then through the bottom slit at the back of the plate.

  5. That's it! When it's close to countdown time, grab your countdown and slowly pull the paper through, highlighting each second!

  6. Bye-bye 2021. . .and Happy New Year!

Have so much fun with your loved ones, and stay safe.

Until next year. . .


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