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Colorful Cauldrons

Word of the Week

Reversible Change: A change that can be reversed or undone! A reversible change does not create a new material. It comes from the Latin word reversare meaning "turn back" and ibilis meaning "able."


This week, I found a really fun decoration that you can make with things you probably already have in your home. I'm giving mine a Halloween feel, but you could create any shape you like!

Before we get to the project, let's try to better understand our word of the week. . .reversible change. It's actually a scientific term, and it describes perfectly what it is all by itself.

Hmm. . .think for a minute. What can you change that can then go back to its original form? To get you thinking, I made up a list. All you need to do is match up the action from the left column to the reaction in the right column.

Here's an example: melting > chocolate

Yes, you can melt chocolate into liquidy ooze, but if you let it go back to room temperature or colder, it will firm up and become solid again! Sure, it may look a little different, but that's reversible change in action! Okay, now, see if you can match up my list!

melting rubber band

freezing balloon

boiling paper

melting clothes

stretching water

inflating ice

folding wax

ironing water

Now that you understand, the concept let's have some fun with it! Here are the supplies you'll need: construction paper, scissors, wax paper, old crayons and a sharpener, a hair dryer, glue, and tape! Cut your construction paper into any shape you want (I chose cauldrons). Trace that shape and cut out a second identical one. Cut a circle out of the middle of your shape and cut two pieces of wax paper a little bigger than the hole you created. Sharpen crayons and put the shavings between two pieces of wax paper. Grab the hair dryer to melt the shavings. Once dried, put the wax paper sandwich between your two shapes and glue it all together! I used a little tape to tape my cauldrons to the window. Hint: Less is more. . .colors look more vibrant with fewer shavings. Voila! And WOW!

Happy creating! Stay kind. . .


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