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Celebrate with Cake

Word of the Week:

Furbelow (fur-buh-low): To decorate in a fancy way. It was originally used in women’s clothing and was a fancy word for ruffles. It comes from the Italian word farbello, meaning fringe.

Now, close your eyes for just a moment, and imagine your favorite birthday celebration. What do you see? What do you hear? How do you feel?

If you’re like me, you saw friends and family, balloons, special foods, and a gorgeous cake! Maybe you heard the happy voices of those special people and the familiar Happy Birthday song being sung as you gathered around the cake.

Ohhhhh, the cake. . .it’s your favorite flavor or color or matches your party theme. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always had my mom’s famous Italian lemon cake on my special day. Homemade or special ordered, a lot of time, energy, and love goes into a celebratory cake. That’s why we pay tribute to cake artists around the world on a day dedicated just to them!

October 10this National Cake Decorating Day!

It’s the perfect excuse to bake and decorate a cake this weekend! If you can’t bake one, my project this week will still let you have all the fun of decorating without turning the oven on. Get creative, and have some fun!

Furbelow with Fake Frosting (make your own puffy paint)


· Cardstock or construction paper

· Marker

· 2-3 bowls

· ¾ cup shaving cream

· ¼ cup white glue

· ¼ flour or cornstarch

· Liquid food coloring

· Ziplock baggies

· Scissors


Draw a simple outline of a cake. Combine all ingredients (except food coloring)! It will be a bit sticky, but that’s what makes it look puffy! Divide up into two or three small bowls and add food coloring to create your favorite colors. Spoon into separate ziplock bags, cut off a tiny bit of the corner, and you can squeeze your bag like a real cake decorator uses theirs!

Allow plenty of time to dry, then admire your creativity!

Ciao for now!


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