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Celebrate RPS Day

Word of the Week

Simultaneous (sime-ull-tane-ee-us): Occurring at the same time. It comes from the Latin word simul meaning "at the same time."

Ready? Set. . .

Rock, paper, scissors. . .shoot!

Saturday, August 27th is World Rock Paper Scissors Day. What better way to celebrate this fun, two-person hand game than by playing a few rounds with your family and friends?

The first records that mention this popular game date back to the Han Dynasty of China (202BC-220AD). At that time, it was called shoushiling. The game became even more popular in Japan where it was called sansukimi-ken. When translated, ken means "first games," san means "three-way," and sukumi means "deadlock."

By the early 20th century, the game had spread beyond Asia. Every name given to the game was quite descriptive.

France: Chi-fou-mi

UK: Paper Scissors Stone

German: Schnick, Schnack, Schnuck

China: Jiando Shitou Bu

Japan: Janken

Super simple to learn, this game can be used to simply pass time or to help make a decision in the same way you'd flip a coin. Most people believe that Rock Paper Scissors is just a game of chance, but others feel you can learn to recognize your opponent's patterns or signals. What do you think?

So, let's play!

  1. Hold one palm open and make a fist with the other.

  2. Facing your opponent, you pound your fist on your palm while saying "rock, paper, scissors." The fourth time, players yell "shoot" and turn their fists into one of the three gestures.

  3. The winner is determined as follows. . .

Until next time. . .


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