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Building Memories

Word of the Week

Surrogate (sir-uh-get): A substitute for a specific role. It comes from the Latin word surrogatus meaning "put in another's place" or "substitute."


Dads. Grandpas. Uncles. Brothers. There's a very special day coming up to celebrate all of the positive male figures in our lives. Sunday, June 20th is Father's Day!

Have you ever wondered how old this holiday is? The first Father's Day dates back to June 19, 1910 in Washington state, but it didn't actually become a national holiday until 1972. This was after President Wilson recognized Mother's Day as a national holiday.

The first Father's Day was celebrated thanks to a woman from Washington named Sonora Dodd. Her father single handedly raised her and her five siblings after the death of their mother. She felt that dads deserved recognition too. After reaching out to local churches, shops, and government officials, she convinced them!

Most dads want nothing more than quality time with their kids on Father's Day. . .and maybe a steak or juicy burger.

So what do you give the guy who really doesn't need anything? Your time. Make new memories together. Show them some love.

Speaking of memories. . .here's an idea! Give this week's activity a try and give dad something he will be sure to cherish forever.

What You'll Need:

  • Glass jar with lid

  • LEGOs

  • Sharpie

  • Paper tag

  • String or twine

How to Do it:

Simply write some of your favorite memories you share with an important fellow in your life. Put the LEGO pieces in your jar, and label your tag "Building Memories with Dad." Or something like that! Voila!

Until next time. . .

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