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Bubble Time

Word of the Week

Effervescence (eff-er-veh-since): A very fancy term for bubbles in a liquid. It stems from the French word effervescence meaning "the action of boiling up."


When I think of bubbles, I think of the soapy, floating kind. I've been told that this week is National Bubble Week, and I am running with it! Oh, bubbles. When I think of bubbles, I can't help but immediately feel happy inside. They're magical. . .they're fun. . .they're for all ages!

Did you know. . .?

  • Bubbles are made up of three layers. The two outer layers are soap, while the inner layer is water.

  • When light hits the different layers, it creates that beautiful, iridescent rainbow!

  • Bubbles try to form spheres because surface tension pulls the liquid inward.

  • Have you ever seen a frozen bubble? You might have to wait until next winter to try this out, but you can create one by blowing a bubble outside when temperatures are less than 5 degrees Fahrenheit!

  • Bubbles are also very educational and great for a child's development!

I found this interesting article that touches on the many ways bubbles are beneficial to children. Read about it here:

Last year, I shared a recipe to create your own, giant bubbles! This year, I have a different project in mind. Recycled Soap Snakes! Click the PDF below to learn how!

Recycled Soap Snakes
Download PDF • 199KB

Until next time. . .


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