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Bonkers for Blueberries

Word of the Week

Cultivate (kuhl-tih-vate): To intentionally grow something. It comes from the French word cultivable meaning "capable of being tilled."


HOLD THE PHONE! I somehow almost missed that Thursday, June 8 is National Blueberry Day! Coincidentally, I happened to whip up some blueberry muffins just this morning. . .an old family recipe. It's never too late to celebrate. You've probably noticed that a lot of these posts contain recipes of some sort. What can I say? I love good food, and I love to share my favorites with each and every one of you. I promise that I'll have a different activity for you next week!

It actually turns out that July is National Blueberry Month, so even if you missed this post, you can still be sure to celebrate by making my family's rendition of blueberry muffins any time this month.

Let's celebrate this beautiful berry by learning some other interesting facts.

  • The blueberry harvest occurs between June and August.

  • They are a superfood, packed with Vitamin C, fiber, and antioxidants.

  • One cup of blueberries has only 81 calories. Pop away!

  • Blueberries get their intense blue color from anthocyanin, a type of antioxidant.

  • They are the state fruit of New Jersey.

  • They are now grown on five continents.

  • USA blueberries primarily come from California, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, North Carolina, Oregon, and Washington. My blueberries used in this morning's muffins came from Michigan. YUM.

  • Early 1900's Elizabeth White, daughter of a New Jersey farmer, started cultivating blueberries with the help of botanist Fredrick Coville. In 1916 their first crop went to market!

Now, on to the secret family recipe.

Not so secret anymore, but I believe that everyone should enjoy good food. Pass this one along to whoever you like. There's nothing I like more than happy bellies!

Until next time. . .


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