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A Tribute to Dads

Word of the Week

Patriarch(pey-tree-ahrk): The male head of a family or tribal line. Derived from Greek “patria” meaning family and “arches” meaning to rule.


It’s Gram again and my greeting this week is the Greek word for hello. It’s pronounced “YAH-soo”. Go ahead and give it a try! In a hurry? You can shorten the word and simply say “YAH”!

Since we celebrated Father’s Day last weekend the word patriarch seemed like a good choice. Did you notice that the k sound is a combination of ch in this word? That’s unusual, but remember the k sound can be tricky!

Our activity this week is a fun tribute to dad. If you search the world you will find that nearly every language has more than one word for good, old dad. Think about English. Dad, daddy, father, and pops are a few examples that come to mind. We’ve tried to select the most common form of “dad” for the following 20 languages. See if you can match the word up to the language. This activity will be fun for kids and adults alike. If you have a younger child in your home, simply read the choices and let them make a guess - they might surprise you! Maybe you’ll even discover a new name for your favorite guy!


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