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Mary and Mike's Magnanimous Adventures- Wow! Sounds like a mouthful, right?

Trust us, kids are going to love it. They are naturally drawn to long, nonsensical sounding words, and this one will be sure to grab their interest. The learning begins even before the story. What does magnanimous mean? To put it simply, it’s a fancy word for kind.

Take your kids on a fun filled adventure with our friends, and they won't even realize how much they're learning! As an added bonus, each book in the series will focus on a specific speech sound, making it a great tool for speech therapists and parents!

Crushing it with Kindness now available for purchase on Amazon
Mary and Mike's Magnanimous Adventures: Crushing it with Kindness: L. J. Madwish: 9781735335803: Books
Perplexed by Perspectives now available for purchase on Amazon

Mary and Mike's Magnanimous Adventures: Perplexed by Perspectives: L. J. Madwish, Heather Leinbach: 9781735335810: Books
Your purchase will make a bigger difference than you think . . .

$1 from each "Crushing it with Kindness" book sold will be donated to a local animal shelter.

$1 from each Perplexed by Perspectives book sold will be donated to Jeremiah School in Johnson City, TN.

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Kickoff for Kindness

Greeneville/ Greene County Public Library 

Tuesday, November 1st 3:30-5PM

Author visits to local area schools

For more information or to schedule a visit,


Book Reading and Holiday Penguins!
Brights Zoo
Saturday, November 12th 11AM-12PM


Want to have some fun and a have a chance at getting famous?
We are working on sharing our story with an even bigger audience and need your help! Send us a video of your child (or you, or your spouse, or your parents, etc.) saying or trying to say “magnanimous”! Don’t help them out! That’s the fun! We will be creating a montage of people saying our fancy and fun word and submitting it to a few famous people. Stay tuned for the final result!
Email your videos and our simple Media Release Form to:


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